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The luckiest adoption story

Found LuckyExtremely thin and with a face full of porcupine quills when he came to the shelter, it’s hard to imagine how Lucky got his name.

But while we don’t know how he ended up in his situation, he couldn’t have been much luckier than to have been found by Saya.

Saya had been backpacking near Aspen, and spent his last full day hiking in the wilderness. But on his way back down the mountain, Saya heard what sounded like a sad, injured animal.

Cautiously and alone, he left the trail and walked into the forest where he found Lucky tied to a tree. He’d had an unfortunate run-in with a porcupine and looked emaciated—but despite it all, Lucky’s tail was wagging and he appeared very excited to see him.

Lucky it was Saya who found Lucky

After seeing Lucky, Saya immediately broke down into tears—but then jumped into action.

Saya fed Lucky a can of tuna and tried to get him to drink water, which was no small task with the quills in his face. Saya then attempted to hike down the mountain with Lucky, but the dog was too weak and it was clear he couldn’t make it down on his own.

If you thought Saya was a hero before, here’s where it gets even more amazing: Saya carried Lucky most of the way down the mountain.

Getting Lucky care

Saya woke up early to get Lucky to care as quickly as possible. He immediately thought of the Dumb Friends League, and he brought Lucky here to get the care necessary to save his life.

With his parents, Saya followed up with our team, and found out Lucky was ready for adoption. They and rushed over to welcome this handsome pup into the family permanently.

It seemed that Lucky was pretty happy about this. He greeted Saya with kisses and snuggles and that great, wagging tail.

The luckiest ending

Today, Lucky is living the dream with Saya’s parents, hanging out with his two canine brothers.

Saya couldn’t understand why so many people were thanking him for rescuing Lucky. After all, he “couldn’t just leave him” and wanted to make sure he would never feel abandoned, hungry or scared again.

On any account, they’re both extremely lucky to have found each other!

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