When Christmas Wishes Come True

For nearly a month, patron Clarissa R. and her two daughters had been searching for their beloved dog Lucy, who went missing a few days after Thanksgiving. They posted fliers, checked websites—they did everything they could think of to track down their lost pet and had gotten nowhere.

Never losing hope, Clarissa’s youngest daughter even wrote a letter to Santa saying her one wish for Christmas was to bring Lucy home.

A few days later, in the early hours of December 24, Clarissa found Lucy’s picture on the Dumb Friends League website. Thrilled to have tracked down her faithful companion she said, “if you had been open, I would have been at your door at one in the morning!”

So on Christmas Eve, a little girl’s wish came true! Minutes after the Dumb Friends League Buddy Center opened its doors, the tearful reunion took place.

After nearly a month, Lucy was home for the holidays and their family was once again complete. “I couldn’t ask for a better Christmas,” said Clarissa.