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Ciela the Great

Considering a cat? Fretting over a feline? Well, you should consider the one-of-a-kind, celestial Ciela! She is in fact a cat and she has, let’s just call it, a big personality. And, while she might not be for everyone, perhaps she can fill the kitty-shaped void in your life.

So, who is Ciela, you ask? Great question. As we mentioned, she’s a cat, a long-haired grey one at that. She has many great feline qualities—curiosity, an adorable purr, beautiful green eyes and did we mention her gorgeous gray coat? You really need to see it to appreciate it.

Feline greatness aside, we have to be honest about this girl. While she is friendly and does enjoy being petted, she can only tolerate so much. She has what we call an overstimulation problem: basically when she’s done, she’s done.

No big deal, right? Well, Ciela sometimes communicates her need for alone time with swatting or even biting. This is where we tell you she needs to go to a quiet home without children and that yes, on top of everything else she’d prefer to be an only cat. Also, we should mention that she might hiss at you. Now, don’t take it personally. Like we said, she has a big personality. Just give her a minute and she’ll likely be rubbing figure eights through your unsuspecting legs.

With all that being said it’s important to understand that this girl is not necessarily aggressive, she’s just an independent lady looking for a home where she can be her true, sassy self. So, if you live in a quiet home without children and without other cats you should come meet her. What do you have to lose? Give this girl a chance, because she’s just being herself and is ready to find the home that is right for her. As it turns out, just as you need a cat, Ciela needs a person.

Ciela is available for adoption at our Quebec Street Shelter in Denver. Her adoption includes a cat tree, toys, a bed and some other great cat swag. To learn more about Ciela or other pets available for adoption call (303) 751-5772 or visit DDFL.ORG.

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