Clifford: Skipping Happily “Just Because”

Early in January 2011, we initiated a search for a companion for our 3-year-old Maltese, Oliver. In the preceding four months, both of his “siblings” had succumbed to old age, and we knew he was depressed and withdrawing. He needed a buddy.

We monitored your website for several days until we finally saw the perfect candidate at the Buddy Center: Clifford. We brought Ollie to meet him, concerned because we’d been told that Clifford didn’t get along with other dogs. But Clifford walked straight toward Ollie, sniffed him, and then began pulling me toward the front door, as if to say, “Come on! Let’s get out of this place.” They fell in pace together, side-by-side, as if they had never been apart.

A couple hours later, Clifford arrived at his new home, and a few hours after that, Ollie presented Clifford with a stuffed animal and a ball—a gesture that laid to rest all concerns we might have had about the budding relationship between the two. Ollie gave Clifford a tour of the house and yard, and after a good supper, they climbed on the couch and lay down side-by-side. Since that day, they have done EVERYTHING together!

Have you ever seen a dog skip? We observed Clifford skipping through the yard a couple days after we brought him home. He does it when he is happy, which is nearly all the time these days. It is the cutest thing I have ever seen a dog do “just because.”

Thank you for all the work you do to ensure animals like Clifford find the loving homes they deserve! Hopefully this update will serve to inspire and rejuvenate you all. Hopefully it will remind you that nothing you do is in vain. You serve such a great and higher calling and do so with much grace, passion and energy.

—Dean G.