Coco the Dog Alerts Family of Seizure

Nathan was looking for a new canine companion, and when he came to the Dumb Friends League, he found just what he was looking for in a dog named Prim. Prim, now Coco, a 4-year-old Doberman pinscher mix caught his eye. She was adorable, appeared to be very happy and according to Nathan, she picked him. He knew it was meant to be when she laid at his feet in the adoption visiting room. The rest is, as we say, history. Coco found herself home with Nathan and his family where she spends her days joyously running around the backyard and cozying up with the entire family, including the resident cat. Most owners would argue that their dogs are special, and, of course, they are, but Coco is especially special and has made a bigger impact on this family than we could’ve ever imagined at the time of adoption.

From homeless dog to hero

Coco had settled into her new home very well. She was enjoying time with the family, getting to know the resident cat and had already established that she would sleep with her new best friend and person, Nathan. On a night like most other, Nathan and Coco headed to bed, and that’s where things become a bit fuzzy for Nathan. He remembers going to bed and then waking up at the hospital hours later. According to his family, he had suffered a mild seizure, and Coco, who was sleeping beside him, woke up and rolled onto his medical alert button, calling 911. Coco also began to bark, which alerted the family to rush to Nathan’s aide, getting him the immediate help he needed. Ever since this evening Nathan says that he and Coco are inseparable. According to Nathan, she “sleeps on my chest and will not let me out of her sight.”

It’s hard to describe the human-animal bond sometimes, but scenarios such as this show just how powerful our relationships with pets truly are. Coco’s actions that evening have inspired the family to continue her training and, in a few weeks, Coco will learn to become an alert and service dog. We could not be more pleased that these two saved each other’s lives.