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Cocoa the cat, ready for his purr-ever home

Chocolate comes in many different varieties, from excessively sweet to very bitter. And our friend Cocoa is no exception to this rule. While his personality is far from bitter, it’s also not overly sweet – he falls in the area people tend to love the most, the very middle, a perfect combination of affection and independence, he’s the cat you’d expect. A handsome boy, who knows what he wants, when he wants it and who he’d like it from.

Cocoa is beautiful. He has a long, luxurious, super soft black coat, a white chest and a face that’s impossible not to love. At just 2-years-old, Cocoa already knows what he likes. He’s a lover of treats and will reward your affection with his adorable purr.

He has been at the Dumb Friends League since 2017, arriving at our shelter on December 14, this handsome boy spent the holidays without a home and rang in the new year alone in his kennel. He has seen snowstorms, rainstorms, windy days and been passed over by the many. We know he isn’t the cat for everyone but his person is out there, and we won’t stop looking until he’s home.

Since we’ve gotten to know Cocoa, we can see he’s an affectionate, funny, relaxed and independent cat that’s ready to blossom into a wonderful companion once he settles into his new digs. Recognizing this boy’s friendly disposition took time. He came to the shelter fearful and hid from staff and volunteers. With time, patience and positive reinforcement we’re starting to see just what a wonderful cat he is. He still certainly has his moments where he’d prefer to simply be left alone, lounging in a sunbeam without the company of others–a true introvert’s dream. But, we’d be remiss to not mention just what a lover he is. Once you gain Cocoa’s confidence he’ll lean into pets, and there will be no shortage of snuggle time.

We know Cocoa will make someone very happy, but as we’ve mentioned it needs to be that right type of someone. We think Cocoa would do best in a quiet, patient home without children under the age of 10. A home where he can come out of his furry feline shell and let his catitude shine bright. Cocoa would also prefer to be the king of his castle in a single cat home.

Take your time. Think about Cocoa and come on in for a visit. After all, the best things in life are worth waiting for.

Cocoa is available for adoption at our Buddy Center in Castle Rock.

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