Construction update

The Building a Better Way Home project is well into phase two of five, and it is impressive to see the progress that’s happening on a daily basis. In August, one of the most exciting milestones occurred. Donors, staff and volunteers celebrated the last beam placement at a signing ceremony. With custom markers in hand, guests signed a steel roof beam that was placed in an east-west position in the new Bob Rohde Adoptions area.

Here are some exciting project highlights to share:

  • Installation of the structural glazed tile for five dog holding rooms, 48 dog kennels on the lower level, 48 real-life rooms and 18 flex dog runs began.
  • Installation of ductwork and plumbing will continue.
  • Interior partition walls are in the process of going up.
  • Construction continues on the lower level, including the intake lobby, relinquishment rooms, night drop kennels and treatment rooms, as well as the main level with long-term medical cats, grooming and laundry.
  • Elevators were installed, and brick was laid on the stair/elevator tower.

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