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Can I relinquish my animal to DFL?

Yes. The Dumb Friends League remains a safe place for pets who cannot otherwise be cared for. However, it is ideal to keep your pet in your home until this crisis has receded, as the sheltering system will likely be challenged with an increased demand created by economic hardships and pet owner hospitalizations. To see our full list of current services click here.

Does DFL euthanize animals for space or duration of stay?

No. The League does not euthanize for space and we have no limit on the length of time for which we’ll care for an animal. We have a 100% placement rate for safe and healthy animals. While adoptions are being suspended during the stay-at-home order, we have wonderful foster homes where we are safely placing animals.

How can I help?

Please support the League through a financial donation at

Can I adopt an animal?

As of March 24th, our shelters will not be adopting animals due to the recent “stay-at-home” mandate. We look forward to resuming adoptions, as well as normal operations, as quickly as the situation allows.

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