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Crazy for Kiho

Kiho was relinquished by her owners after they had a baby. Because of her anxiety at our shelter, we enrolled Kiho in our Cats & Clickers behavior program to keep her mentally and physically stimulated and help her relax around people. After seven months in our care, Kiho found her forever home. Read what her adopter has to say about this fantastic feline:

My new friend, Kiho, is absolutely wonderful. She is now very comfortable in my apartment, racing around and playing so hard! She is 2½ years old, very clean, never misses her litter box and snuggles in bed at night! The sweetest kitty ever. Adopt because it is easy to show them the way and they are so, so loving. She makes my day … every day!

By the way, you all do a fantastic job making sure the pet is adopted OK. I really appreciate the follow-up calls, and I enjoy bragging about her!

—Marion P., Englewood, Colo.

Learn more about our how our behavior program helps pets like Kiho! Our behavior technicians work with thousands of pets each year, helping fearful, anxious and under-socialized animals become the best possible candidates for adoption.

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