Daryl, The Three-Legged Lifesaver

My daughter was going through a tough time, and we decided to adopt a cat. When we were looking at the cats at your shelter, an orange paw reached out as if to say, “I’m right here!” One look at this three-legged orange tabby, and we knew he was ours.

We couldn’t have been more right. It took him a little while to learn he lost a leg, but he adapted. He has such a personality. He loves to paw things to the floor. If it’s on a table, he wants to knock it down. Also, he takes napkins from the napkin holder to cover his food after he’s done.

He has been a lifesaver for my daughter. People asked me why a three-legged cat, and we always say he made it through horrors, and he’s still happy! He is truly an inspiration.

— Dina R.