Denver pit bull repeal still has a chance

On Tuesday, the Denver City Council Finance and Government committee voted unanimously to refer a measure to the November ballot that would repeal and replace the ban on pit bulls in the city. “It feels like déjà vu” began City Councilman Chris Herndon, the main proponent of the measure, because the Referred Ordinance 20-0760 is nearly identical to the one passed earlier this year by City Council that was later vetoed by Mayor Michael Hancock.

Referred Ordinance 20-0760 (like its predecessor) would repeal the ban on pit bull breeds and replace it with a pit bull “probation” period of three years. During this time, they will be registered with Denver Animal Protection. Any pit bull with no negative reports or incidents during their probation period will be allowed to be register like any other breed of dog.

The Dumb Friends League remains supportive of the measure and expressed our support during the committee meeting.  We are opposed to legislation aimed at banning ownership of dogs based solely on their breed and support breed-neutral, proactive laws that protect the community from dangerous dogs by holding pet owners responsible for the actions of their pets and for having an understanding of their pets’ temperament, traits and behavior. We know that comprehensive, well-enforced, breed-neutral laws offer an effective and fair solution to the problem of dangerous dogs and ultimately keep communities safer.

The measure will now be voted on by the full Council and will then advance to the Mayor for approval.  Stay tuned for more updates!

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