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Dexter & His Dog

Dexter has only been with us for two weeks, but it feels like our family has always been missing something until we got him. He was shy and nervous in the shelter, but when we got him home, he was a completely new cat. When Dexter isn’t stealing our hearts by cuddling up in our laps, he is running around and making a game out of anything he can get his paws on. He even responds with a short, cute “meow” when you say hello. I have never met such a lighthearted, curious and ambitious animal as Dexter.

Dexter had never been around a dog before, but you would never be able to tell. Dexter and Skylar (our golden retriever) snuggle every day, whether they’re taking a nap or laying down for a full night’s rest.

My fiancé and I have had animals before, but we still had something to learn from the staff at the Quebec shelter. They made sure we had all the proper paperwork, class information and even tips on how to introduce our animals. We even learned new things about our dog that we’ve had for three years!

If we ever adopt again, I am 110% positive we would only go to the Dumb Friends League. Thank you for giving us the missing piece of our family—we will never forget how amazing the experience has been.

—Lauren N.

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