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Did you know that on the Dumb Friends League website, pet adopters, owners and educators can find free resources to help address questions and get additional information for a variety of topics? Get ready to consider yourself in the know.

Resources are divided into four main categories to help you find what you need quickly, and each category has filter options to drill down to interested topics. Documents can be viewed online, as well as downloaded.

Pet Behavior Handouts
Whether you’re wondering how to care for a hedgehog or having difficulty getting your horse to stop during a ride, you can find suggestions by the League’s highly-specialized teams. Filter results by animal type and then even further by behavior, such as fearfulness, jumping, life events and safety. Don’t be left guessing about how to clicker train your cat or how to build a positive relationship with your new dog. We can help!

Dumb Friends League Resources
Are you curious about how to enroll in the League’s Pet Guardianship program or how to care for your pet after a spay or neuter surgery? As different as those two questions are, there are resources to explain both questions… and more. Filter by category and see targeted results to help you find the information you need.

Community Resources
“I found a wild animal, now what?” Pop onto the Community resources page and find contact information to help address the situation. You can also find information about subsidized veterinary care, grieving the loss of a pet and finding a pet-friendly rental. The filter categories are as varied as your questions and concerns.

Teaching Resources
Kindergarten through high school teachers can filter by grade and find appropriate lessons for their classes. Kindie kids can bring in a stuffed animal and learn about what kind of homes pets need while high school students can brainstorm ways to help solve pet overpopulation. Each resource has an overview, activities, materials and post-discussion points to help round out the lesson.

Currently, there are 227 available resources in English and 118 Spanish resources. Resources are updated and added on an as-needed basis, so be sure to check back if you don’t find just what you’re looking for. Remember, our Call Center team is also available for help whether or not your pet was adopted from the Dumb Friends League.

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