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This dog is a goldmine


Nugget. Goldmine. Get it? Just trying to catch your eye, because left to his own devices, Nugget might not grab your attention. But he’s worth his weight in, well, you know.

If you visit our Dumb Friends League Adoption Center at the Petco near I-25 and Colorado Blvd., you might not notice this little fellow at first. He’s cute enough, but he’s often just lying curled up in his bed. He looks like he’s thinking, “There goes another person who doesn’t want to get to know me.”

But if you did get to know Nugs, you’d think he was pretty special. See, he came to our shelter all the way from Texas almost a month ago. He wasn’t finding a home down there, so we brought Nugget and a bunch of his pals to Colorado, where they have a much better chance of meeting someone like you.

The thing about Nugget is that he’s super friendly once you sit down on the floor and say “Howdy, ‘lil pardner” (like they do in Texas). He’ll wiggle right over to you and squirm around while you pet him and be super happy, and he’ll look at you with those big, brown eyes. And you’ll think: I’d like to talk Nugget for a walk. And therein lies the challenge: Nugget is afraid of being on a leash and taking walks.

You’re saying, he’s a dog, right? And he doesn’t like to walk? Really? Well, Nugget has spent most of his 4 years in an outdoor kennel where he didn’t have a chance to learn how to walk on a leash. So he’s pretty scared of them, and of the very idea of going someplace out in the big world at the end of one.

But we believe in Nugget. We think with a really kind, really patient, really gentle, really understanding new person, he could do anything. Or maybe he’ll always be afraid of walks, but he’ll be the most sweet and loving couch potato ever. He does have some knee issues that may or may not need tending to in the future, and he’d feel much happier and braver in a quiet home with no small kids.

All we know is: We’d sure like to see The Nugster in a warm, wonderful home before the holidays. Please stop by the Petco at 4100 E. Mexico Ave., and give this little guy a chance to wow you with his 24-karat charm.

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