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Dogs with Jobs

Dogs with jobs

Dogs with jobs, canines with careers. Whatever you choose to call them, some Dumb Friends League alums have landed a wide range of gigs. With patience and training, these dogs were able to turn what was once considered troublesome behavior into a valuable job skill.

We’re pretty proud of these alums and thought you’d like to meet them …

Lava came to the Dumb Friends League on Valentine’s Day due to his undying love … for socks. This sweet boy already had two foreign-body-removal surgeries, and his family couldn’t afford number three. So our veterinary services team performed yet another “sock-otomy” on Lava. Under the care of the Dumb Friends League, he recovered very well from his surgery. Then came the question, “How do we stop his love affair with socks?” The solution? Get this dog a job! He was a smart, friendly guy who needed something to keep his mind off of socks, so he was placed with Freedom Service Dogs. We are happy to report that Lava graduates on June 10 as a professional therapy dog, and he is already matched with a social worker to begin his new career!

Jack was a nice dog, but his incredibly high energy made him difficult to handle. Shortly after arriving at the Dumb Friends League, one staff member made a discovery that changed everything for Jack: his love for (though some might call it an obsession with) tennis balls! His laser focus on them could not be broken by anything or anyone. How could that extreme tennis-ball drive be turned into a usable job skill? After exploring a few possibilities, our team found the perfect solution for a dog like Jack. Soon this good boy will be helping sniff out bad guys! He is currently working with a local trainer to become a bomb- or drug-sniffing dog for law enforcement.

Kevin was a 6-month-old puppy when he arrived at the Dumb Friends League. Like all puppies, he loved toys and playing. This got him into a little bit of trouble due to his overwhelming “mouthiness.” He wanted everything in his mouth—toys, his leash, shoelaces, pant legs, and yes, sometimes fingers and hands. So our behavior team worked with Kevin to help him learn how to use his mouth appropriately. Kevin was adopted to an experienced dog owner who was dedicated to providing additional training for this handful of a pup. He’s since found another hobby to keep him busy … climbing ladders! Kevin’s love of exploring and fondness for putting things in his mouth were recently turned into valuable job skills when he was selected as a candidate for Search & Rescue. What better way for this energetic boy to earn his keep!

Does the pet you adopted from the Dumb Friends League have a job? We love getting updates on our alums, so tell us about it!

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