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A Dream Come True for BFFs Silly and Peanut

With nearly 20,000 homeless pets arriving at the Dumb Friends League each year, there’s no shortage of unique animals entering our shelters. We see pets of all shapes, sizes and varieties. Sometimes they come alone and sometimes they come to us in pairs. Normally, these bonded twosomes consist of two dogs, two cats or even two small mammals. In early April, we received two pets from one home that had a very special connection, and although this isn’t an unusual occurrence at the Dumb Friends League, there was something unique about this dynamic duo.

Silly and Peanut are both small, both a year old, both adorable and both… now, this is where the story gets a little different! You see, Silly is a red tabby and Peanut is, well, a Chihuahua. Yes, you read that right. This particular pair is made up of a cat that loves her canine companion and a dog that loves his feline friend. They were often seen snuggling, playing and grooming each other in their Dumb Friends League foster home and we couldn’t bear the idea of splitting them up.

So, once back at the shelter, we started the process of finding them the perfect place to live in combined bliss for the rest of their lives. Not surprisingly, this unusual tale found its way to local media and, after seeing Silly and Peanut on 9NEWs, a wonderful family rushed to the Dumb Friends League, all the way from Genessee, to see if these two buddies were the match for them. The family excitedly told us, “We’ve been looking for two pets to adopt together, but weren’t committed to a cat-and-cat or dog-and-dog pair, so this seemed like the perfect alternative!”

The meet-up was a double stroke of luck. Will, Tina and their daughter, Mary, left the Dumb Friends League that afternoon two members stronger, as one big happy family.

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