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Dumb Friends League holds vaccine clinic to help pets in need

A visit with the doctor may not have been an ideal way to start the week for many pets living at Denver Metro Village Apartments, but that’s what happened thanks to a house call of sorts by members of the Dumb Friends League outreach team.

A clinic was set up at the affordable senior living complex to offer low-cost medical services to the resident’s pets. Cats and dogs, ranging from just a few years old to 18-years-old, received wellness checks and vaccinations for just $20.

Since many residents are disabled or have transportation challenges, the onsite clinic allowed the seniors to conveniently provide medical care to their beloved pets.

Dumb Friends League veterinarian, Dr. Wochele, and veterinary technician, Val Wolffe, vaccinated 20 pets in all. They also provided wellness checks, examined teeth and eyes, offered advice for future care, and, of course, took the time to shower each pet with love and treats.

So, while a visit with a doctor isn’t the most fun way for pets to start the week, their people were grateful for the opportunity to ensure a healthy start to the new year for their furry family members.

The Dumb Friends League is committed to helping all pets in need by offering these services to the public. You can help provide this care by making a year-end gift. Visit to learn more about services the League offers to the public.

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