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Supporting efforts in Australia

Australia is facing a national bushfire crisis of unprecedented proportions. The toll on Australian wildlife has been astonishing. Truly heartbreaking images of beloved pets and companion animals, wildlife and livestock affected by these horrendous fires have been seen worldwide, and more than one billion animals have died so far.

Currently, the Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals in Australia (RSPCA) is working with their respective state authorities and focusing their efforts on the immediate relief and rescue of animals in the fire zones, as well as helping many in displaced communities, to provide care for those in desperate need of medical attention and safe-keeping.

While Australia is facing a time of unfathomable loss and heartache, it is also a time for us to show compassion, support and collaboration for animal welfare across the world.

With a goal to help not just animals who come to the Dumb Friends League but also to impact animal welfare throughout our community and beyond, we are sharing the RSPCA’s request to help support these animals in this time of tremendous need by donating to the RSPCA Bushfire Appeals. One hundred percent of all donations will be directed toward relief efforts.

At the Dumb Friends League, we believe in the importance of everyone working together to help animals and especially in times of extraordinary crisis. Long after the fire dangers have passed, there will be a lengthy recovery process. Beyond the immediate medical emergency, people devastated by loss and grief will find comfort in their animals by way of emotional support and healing, and we need to ensure that these animals and their people can stay together with the assistance they need.

If you would like to help the animals affected by the bushfires, your generosity will make a real impact. Please consider giving to

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