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Eggie Pays it Forward

Eggie with Patient

I am writing this letter to commend you and show my appreciation for all your hard work. Your efforts have saved the lives of numerous beautiful animals and brightened the lives of many people.

On Oct. 12, 2015, I adopted Eggie. He was an old dog who was severely neglected and had a lot of medical problems. The Dumb Friends League addressed all his costly medical issues and gave him lots of loving-kindness to heal his broken spirit.

Eggie is the most wonderful dog I could imagine. We spend almost all day together. He is a working dog with two jobs: Eggie sits with my patients to comfort them during dental procedures, but more importantly, he is a volunteer pet therapy dog at Lutheran Medical Center and Hospice. All the compassion shown to him by the League is being spread to ill and dying patients.

Thank you for saving Eggie’s life and giving him so much love. He promises to keep paying it forward.

– Dr. Brian W., Denver, Colo.

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