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Elderly Gentledog Seeks Love


Today we’d like to introduce Tohui, because we’re concerned that this small boy is being passed over by folks thinking they want BIG in a dog. They want Young. They want Frisky and Freewheelin’.

Tohui is none of these things. Tohui is tiny, a mere 6 pounder, a wee Chihuahua who, frankly, could stand to fatten up a tad. While nowhere near geriatric, Tohui is a mature and refined 11 years old. And Tohui is a mellow fellow—none of this darting about or tearing around, thank you. He prefers curling up in his bed, sweetly and shyly watching the world go by and enjoying the occasional scratch of his abundant ears.

But after being at our shelter for a month, Tohui has become a bit tired of watching the world go by his kennel. Maybe it’s his age. Maybe it’s because he has a couple minor health issues that can come with being a senior. Or maybe it’s because those louder, bigger, spunkier dogs steal the limelight from little gems like Tohui.

Here’s what else we can tell you: Tohui goes for walks every day with our volunteers, who call him “sweet” and say he leashes up and prances like a champ. He’s house trained, and he recently had a dental cleaning and extractions here at the shelter. He gets along fine with other small dogs, but would prefer not to live with large dogs or cats (‘cause they’re scary).

We’d sure like to see a kind, gentle person adopt this kind, gentle dog and give him the love he surely deserves. Tohui will be watching, waiting and hoping that somebody stops by his kennel and says, “Let’s go home, little guy.”

To learn more about Tohui, call (303) 751-5772 or visit our Quebec Street Shelter.

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