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Lovely Ellie’s Long Road to Trust

Ellen arrived in Colorado from an overburdened shelter in North Texas on August 30.

She had been struggling to find the right home. With hip dysplasia, arthritis and allergies, she’d need a patient, loving owner.

On top of all that, she was a bit shy. It took her quite a while to warm up to folks and she wasn’t used to, walking on a leash or being inside.

It may have taken almost three months, but at the end of November, Ellen (now Ellie) found her forever home with adopter Frances S.

The first morning after Ellie arrived, she was a bit confused, but she was excited about one thing for sure, according to Frances: “The first time that I saw her put her tail in the air was when she saw her yard. She knew that she had her outside!”

And by later that first day, it seemed she knew she had her own inside, too.

With continued love and support from her new mom and an open door from inside to outside, Ellie soon realized that she had a freedom—and comfort—she’d never had before. She came inside and lay on her cozy bed, and she began following Frances wherever she went.

Sure, she’s still a little afraid of stuff in the outside world–but thanks to a loving and patient owner, she’s started to trust that she could be safe and cared for.

Frances thinks that Ellie is realizing that the world can be a happy and fun place.

“If I were a betting woman, I’d bet that, within a few more weeks, she’ll know that we all have a permanent home together forever (it DID seem to make her happy when I told her that she is now an equal property owner on the deed to the house!).”

Thanks so much to Frances and our compassionate community, who help give homes to these amazing pets in need!

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