A Fateful Black Friday

Alfredo C. arrived at our shelter 30 minutes before the doors opened on Black Friday. He came in hopes of adopting a 6-year-old cocker spaniel that would ease his loneliness—and as a fixed-income retiree, he could only do so with the help of our “Name Your Price” adoption special. After adopting Buddy, he wrote us this happy update:

On that fateful Black Friday, the Dumb Friends League was somewhat hectic, but the prevailing spirit was nothing but healthy and positive. I felt so good waiting for Buddy, my new life companion. My thought then was as it is today—it truly felt like Christmas in November.

It seems that both of us are competing to show one another how happy our new living circumstance is. Buddy has brought new, fresh energy to this household. I’ve surprised myself by calling close friends and unabashedly proclaiming how I just haven’t been able to stop smiling since Buddy joined me.

Buddy and the Dumb Friends League have added great happiness and energy to me and my home. I’ll forever be thankful to you and your staff.

—Alfredo C.