Finding the happily ever after for Mobo

At only 8 months old, Mobo had a rough start at life. The medium-haired brown tabby came to the Dumb Friends League from Community Animal Services of Pueblo (CASP) just a few days before the shelter closed as the result of a state investigation that determined ill and injured animals were left untreated and suffering.

While we don’t know much about his life before he arrived at CASP and eventually the League, it was clear the young cat was in desperate need of medical care. Not only was Mobo dehydrated and underweight, he was suffering from a severe upper respiratory infection, nasal ulcers, conjunctivitis, otitis and severe gingivitis. He was fearful and in so much pain that he hissed and growled when staff handled and medicated him.

Mobo was given the gentle care he needed and eventually recovered from his infections, but he wasn’t out of the woods yet. One of his eyes had been so badly infected, it had significant scarring and Dumb Friends League veterinarians determined that he could no longer see out of it. The young cat needed surgery that included an enucleation to remove his painful, non-visual eye, a major dental with several extractions and a neuter.

And that’s when Mobo began to show us his sweet, lovable self. Relieved from his pain, the once seemingly shy cat became easy to handle and enjoyed gentle cheek rubs and attention from anyone willing to spend time with him.

After nearly four weeks in our care, Mobo went up for adoption and quickly found his new home. With his past behind him, we’re confident that Mobo’s future will be filled with love, affection and time spent basking in warm sun spots.