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Yes, I Have FIV. Yes, I Am Adoptable!

Feline Immunodeficiency Virus (FIV) is a virus that cats can get, but don’t worry—it doesn’t infect people.

FIV compromises a cat’s immune system, which makes it harder for them to fight off various infections and certain cancers. BUT . . . that doesn’t mean they can’t live a long, happy, normal life!

Here’s what you should know about FIV cats:

  • They should be the only cat you have, or part of a household of cats that also have FIV.
  • They are only contagious to other cats.
  • They should live indoors. It’s safer for them and their health.
  • FIV cats should live in a stable home; too much change could cause stress, which might make them sick.
  • They should eat nutritious foods meant for cats—no uncooked people food for these guys!
  • Your veterinarian should know that your cat has FIV in order to provide proper vaccinations and aggressive treatment if an infection occurs. And your cat should be seen by your veterinarian every six months for a health check.

Want to know more about FIV?

Contact the Dumb Friends League at (303) 751-5772 to learn more about FIV and talk to a staff member who can answer any questions you may have.

Yes, I have FIV. Yes, I will love you if you take good care of me!

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