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Former sled dogs seek forever homes

Cobo the husky

Today we’d like to introduce you to three of our very special friends. Three adorable, fluffy huskies, who after a lifetime of working, are looking for a home to spend their golden years.

These dogs came in as part of a group of retired sled dogs, all have been adopted except Poco, Cobo and Rodgers, who have been waiting patiently to meet their forever families.

Before we get into the charming characteristics of these three friends it’s important to understand some of the challenges that are associated with adopting a former sled dog. For starters, these dogs have likely spent their entire lives living outdoors and haven’t experienced a normal home environment. It’s because of this that these dogs may take longer to settle into their new home. It’s not uncommon for them to be shy at first, and other behaviors like housetraining might take them a little more time. Additionally, they can be a bit of a flight risk. Having lived their lives outdoors, they aren’t necessarily adjusted to living in the confines of a yard or a home. It is important keep them on leash and supervise them while they are outdoors. But, these dogs are smart, and they will likely get along well with other dogs – best of all, you’ll be helping these extraordinary pups enjoy some well-deserved rest, relaxation and love for the remainder of their lives.

Now that we’ve covered the basics let’s learn a little more about the dogs that are currently still waiting to meet their forever families:


Cobo the husky

He’s an 11-year-old, neutered male Siberian husky mix.

A handsome boy with gorgeous, fluffy white fur, Cobo can be a bit timid. However, given some outdoor time and plenty of treats, this sweet boy’s mellow and friendly personality begins to surface. Cobo walks well on a leash and enjoys spending time outside so he’d love a family with a backyard for playtime. Despite his age he’s a super healthy guy and would make a great companion for all sorts of adventures! Cobo loves spending time with his fur friends and would do especially well in a home with another dog. If you think Cobo might be the right fit for you bring the whole family to the Quebec Street Shelter in Denver to meet him today.


Poco the husky

He’s an 11-year-old, neutered male Siberian husky mix.

Poco is a bit shy at first, but given time and patience, his friendly and gentle personality will shine. Poco enjoys spending time outside and does well on the leash. He does have some age related medical conditions and would like to meet everyone in the family, including dogs prior to adoption. Poco has a reputation for being gentle, affectionate and smart. If you have a husky shaped space on your couch and in your heart, head on over to the Buddy Center in Castle Rock to meet this special boy.


Rodgers the husky

He’s an 11-year-old, neutered male Siberian husky mix.

Don’t let his age fool you, this guy has been labeled as the quintessential sled dog while at the shelter. He loves to run, and his energetic personality will make him a great adventure partner for hiking, jogging and just general Colorado shenanigans. He has some special medical needs and would like to meet the entire family before adoption. Rodgers is at the Buddy Center in Castle Rock and looks forward to meeting his new family.

We hope you’ll visit these dogs and give them a chance to show you just how ready they are to settle into new homes, like their friend Cotton. According to his new family, Cotton has made himself right at home, and they say the former sled dog is now “a couch surfer for life!”

Poco and Rodgers are available for adoption at the Dumb Friends League Buddy Center in Castle Rock, and Cobo is available at our Quebec Street Shelter in Denver. To learn more about these dogs and other pets available for adoption, visit or call 303.751.5772.

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