Fresh as a Daisy


At the end of December 2016, we adopted 10-year-old Daisy from the Buddy Center and set about making her part of our family. Although her previous owner reported house-soiling issues, she has used her litter box faithfully and never once gone anywhere else. (We clean it regularly and keep it immaculate, which she seems to appreciate.)

She has become quite enamored of her sparkly pink ball and enjoys batting it around and carrying it from room to room in her mouth. You would think she was a kitten rather than a senior citizen! She is a very social cat and likes to be wherever we are. She sleeps at the foot of the bed or up by my shoulder.

She has been just a perfect fit for us, and we are so glad she joined our family. We love spoiling her, and she loves curling up with us when we are reading. Can’t imagine life without her now. Thank you for giving us our new forever kitty.

—Ruth M., Centennial, Colo.