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From Shelter Dog to K9 Officer

Friendly, fearless, obedient—that is how the American Kennel Club describes the Weimaraner, a sporting breed of dog that thrives on being physically active and mentally engaged.

When Apollo, a 1.5-year-old Weimaraner, arrived at the Dumb Friends League earlier this year, he knew some basic commands, but he was a big ball of energy who would accidentally trip his walkers as he zigged and zagged along the sidewalk, sniffing every scent and attempting to greet every dog and person he encountered.

Yes, he was friendly and smart, but Apollo needed to find just the right place to go, so his energy wouldn’t get him into trouble.

And that’s when law enforcement stepped in. Apollo was taken to the Yuma County Sheriff’s Department—where he entered K9 officer training!

We are happy to report that Apollo, whose name was changed to Trigger, thrived in training and passed his certification with flying colors. He was recently sworn in as one of Yuma County’s newest K9 officers. Along with his partner Deputy Baldwin, Trigger will be working to detect illegal narcotics and firearms.

“I love to watch him train,” said Trigger’s human mom. “He’s always spot on, nothing gets past him, and I am confident he will find plenty of drugs over his career!”

We couldn’t be more proud of K9 Trigger and we hope he has a long, successful career with the Yuma County Sheriff’s Office.

We also love to get updates on how our alums are doing in their new homes. If you’ve adopted a pet from the Dumb Friends League, drop us a line so we can keep in touch!

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