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Full of playfulness, love, stubbornness and loyalty . . . meet Ollie

“Breed: nonspecific (at least two parts love, one part playful, one part stubborn/lazy and the rest is all loyalty)” is how Ollie’s mom lovingly describes him. With that description, how can your curiosity not be piqued to learn more about Ollie?

Christy and Ryan were checking several adoption sites looking for a new furry companion when they came across Ollie on the Dumb Friends League’s website. There was something about Ollie’s picture that made the couple go to the Buddy Center to see the 3-year-old pup. While Ollie wasn’t particularly shy, he wasn’t overly excited either. He was just the right mix of being curious and attentive. Ollie also made his love of back scratches known from the start. “He was the right size and seemed gentle but with plenty of personality,” remembers Christy.

From the moment Ollie arrived at his new home, it was apparent he wanted to be with both Christy and Ryan. Although Ollie’s idea was not about having quality one-on-one time with each. Oh no, Ollie wouldn’t lay down until both Christy and Ryan were in the same room, and until that happened, he spent quite a bit of time running from room to room.

In their family, Ryan was more of the “big dog” person, which was part of the attraction to Ollie, but Ollie won Christy over and helped her appreciate big dog love with his sweet personality. Ollie continues to surprise his new mom and dad with his patience, loyalty and intelligence. As with some shelter dogs, little is known about their previous owners and training, which opens the possibility of learning new things about adopted pets by accident. Just a few months ago, for example, Christy and Ryan discovered that Ollie has a talent for catching treats that are tossed to him. In fact, Ollie’s record is quite impressive with 20 consecutive catches. Go Ollie!

Ollie still loves back scratches. He has a thick coat and likes to be scratched on his lower back right above his tail. “Ollie will go head first between your legs, so you can get right to scratching his back end,” said Christy. “And he will keep after you until he believes he has gotten ALL of the scratches. He needs ALL of your love!” Well, why not? Like other canines, Ollie loves his walks around his neighborhood, stopping to sniff every sewer grate along the way. Hey, you never know what new smells can appear between outdoor adventures!

When asked if Ollie has any quirky traits, Christy said that from the moment Ollie came home, he decided that his toys belong downstairs. While it’s certainly not a bad thing to make sure every toy has a home, Ollie spends a lot of his time taking toys back downstairs that his brother, Boomer, has brought upstairs. When Ollie gets a new toy, he immediately takes it downstairs because that’s where they belong according to this orderly pup!

Sweet Ollie also showed his personality when Christy and Ryan’s niece came to visit just a few weeks after they brought him home, and she wanted to read to him at bedtime (like how students read to the therapy dogs at school). “I wasn’t sure Ollie would be an attentive audience, so I got a leash and a handful of treats,” said Christy. “Ollie laid next to her bed as she read, and I popped treats in his mouth. The next night, he ran right in there at bedtime and laid down to be read to – he’s no dummy!”

Christy and Ryan had a positive adoption experience at the League. For them, the website photos and descriptions were a big part of connecting with Ollie. In fact, Christy noted that the couple wouldn’t have come to the Buddy Center if they hadn’t seen Ollie first. Visit to see adoptable pets and find a new companion (or two) today!

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