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German shepherd finds the perfect home

German shepherd Lincoln

Lincoln had always been a little much to handle. The German shepherd mix first arrived at our shelter in 2013 after his owner grew weary of finding the dog being destructive whenever he wasn’t around.

When Lincoln was alone, he would bark all day and tear up the backyard. His anxiety, mixed with his abundant energy, meant he needed a hands-on owner and possibly another dog to help him get the exercise he needed and feel safe.

He found a great home with a great dog best friend pretty quickly, though. Unfortunately, after his puppy pal passed away in 2016, Lincoln started acting out again.

He returned to his destructive habits, damaging the house and yard whenever his owners weren’t home. Without an outlet for his energy, his anxiety came back to the forefront.

Lincoln’s perfect new home

Luckily, Lincoln wouldn’t have to wait long to find his perfect forever home.

Victoria and Neal had lost their own German shepherd in July of 2016. They weren’t sure they’d ever be able to open their hearts to another dog.

But Lincoln had other ideas.

From the moment Victoria laid eyes on him on our adoptions page, she knew Lincoln was meant for her.

“Shoot, I think that’s my dog,” she told herself.

The very next day, she drove to the Buddy Center in Castle Rock to meet him. Our adoption counselors told Victoria of all of Lincoln’s great personality traits, but also about his less than perfect past. About how he had separation issues, and how he needed an outlet for all that exuberance.

But Victoria and Neal knew that Lincoln was special, and that they could give him the home he needed.

It’s now a few months later and the German shepherd couldn’t be happier.

His history of destruction is now long forgotten. His new owners are working with him on his separation issues and provide a ton of outlets for his energy.

He spends a few days a week at the office with Victoria, and regularly goes to doggie daycare to play with other dogs.

Now he loves his owners more than anything in the world. He relishes his pets and hugs, and couldn’t be loved more. Victoria put it simply: “Lincoln will never know a home without us.”

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