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German shepherd seeks puzzle buddy

Rufus puzzle german shepherd

Do you love a good puzzle? Love the feeling of accomplishment you get when you’ve placed that last puzzle piece, or lined up all the colors on a Rubiks Cube? Rufus knows how you feel.

Rufus, a beautiful 2-year-old German shepherd mix, first came to our shelter in December. He loves to be active, and adores walks and playing with his toys—but there’s a catch: Rufus has heartworm.

Overall, this isn’t that big a deal for him. Once he finishes treatment in a few months, he’ll be able to completely be his energetic, ecstatic self. Until then, however, Rufus has to be exercise restricted.

For an energetic, intelligent dog like Rufus, lazing around isn’t really an option. Without mental stimulation, he’s just too darn bored.

So while he’s been at the shelter, we’ve worked with Rufus to find other outlets than exercise to stimulate him, and it turns out he’s a regular puzzlemaster.

This pup is incredibly smart, and he’s taken to puzzle toys with gusto. He figures out pretty much anything we’ve given to him, and is always eager to try new things. When he settles in to find the treat in a new puzzle, he won’t get up until he’s figured the whole thing out and found every treat there is to find.

All this means Rufus needs a little bit of a special home while he completes his heartworm treatment. A new family that can be patient with him, teach him new things and provide the kind of interaction and care to keep him stimulated during—and after—his recovery.

Do you think that you could be a perfect home for Rufus? Come meet him at the Quebec Street Shelter today! He’s all ready for his new home today, and his adoption comes with all the goodies he needs to get started in his new home.

Check out Rufus now!

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