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Gordon and Woodford, senior buddies


We adopted Gordon on July 1, 2016 as a companion for Woodford we adopted from the Dumb Friends League 5 years earlier.

You see, Woodford had a companion named Petey (also a Dumb Friends League alum) who developed cancer and passed away. Woodford could not be consoled after Petey died, and we wanted to find him a new companion.

After reading about Gordon at the Dumb Friends League and taking the time for a visit, we knew he would be the perfect fit for our family. Luckily, we were right! He fit right in with no fights, no hassles at all.

Gordon is such a good boy. He loves his lap time, definitely enjoys his food (he does weigh over 19 lbs!), and and is very playful. He and Woodford have gotten along from the minute we came home. Surprisingly, they often even settled down for a catnap together in the same areas. Since Gordon and Woodford are both senior pets, they don’t play much together, but they really enjoy chasing each other on the rare occasion they’re struck with some youthful energy!

Thanks for these kitties they bring so much love to our home!

–Ted and Dorothea

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