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A happy, healthy herd o’ cats

Ivan the cat eats Hill's Science Diet

When Susan W.’s oft-sickly cat passed away last summer, she knew a new cat was in the cards because, as she says, “You have to have somebody with intelligent eyes around to discuss the world with, especially now.”

Susan came to our Quebec Street Shelter in July to request a bonded pair of adult cats, and as luck would have it, two 4-year-old males had been relinquished just hours earlier. Ivan, a beautiful, slender, blue-eyed Himalayan, and King, a chubby yellow tabby, had been neutered before their arrival, so after being given a clean bill of health, microchipped and shaved from head to tail due to severe matting, off they went with Susan.
Upon arrival at her home, both cats hid for a while. Ivan was the first to approach Susan, putting his paws on either side of her face. Recalls Susan, “I told him that he did not have to audition any more; he had gotten the gig.”

King the cat eats Hill's Science Diet

She saw little of King for several days, but he eventually warmed up and revealed himself to be “a great big cuddly baby who kneads endlessly,” says Susan, adding, “They are both sweet and affectionate. Their favorite thing is my stairs, and they sound like a herd of cattle running up and down them.”

At their free veterinary wellness exam shortly after adoption—provided as part of our Dumb Friends League adoption package—Susan was pleased to learn that King had lost a pound while Ivan had gained one. “Mostly they eat Hill’s® Science Diet® Adult Indoor Cat Food along with some Science Diet Adult Savory Chicken Entrée wet food. I think that my boys might have been given some people food in their previous home because Ivan and I had a bit of a spat over rotisserie chicken the first night, but they are totally on cat food now.”

Says Susan, “We are becoming quite a happy family thanks to the Dumb Friends League’s work in finding forever homes for animals in need of them.”

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