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Our hearts are full again

Hearts full Rosebud August

Last Spring, I tragically lost my father and both of my furry loves within 3 months of each other. My family was devastated, and I was sure that we would never get past the loss. We went through a tough holiday season and, although we missed the little beings running around our house and taking up all the space in the bed and in our hearts, we weren’t convinced that we would ever be ready to open our hearts to pets ever again.

As fate would have it, however, one snowy afternoon in January my son and I started looking around on the internet. Luckily, we came across an ad for the Dumb Friends League. We started browsing the available cats and these two little faces came up: Mepo and Mo.

We read their stories and I burst into tears. Was I ready? I didn’t know. I called my husband, and he told me to do what was in my heart.

So my son and I went to PetSmart and bought EVERYTHING that we could find for new cats, brought it home and set it up. We got back in the car and headed straight to the Quebec Street Shelter. It didn’t open for a half an hour so we sat in the car, I cried more, and my son went on and on about what we would name them!

Finally, the doors opened. The wonderful staff set us up in a room to visit with Mepo and Mo. I still wasn’t sure if I could do this. Before I could complete that thought, a nice lady walked in with a little carrier that contained two little black balls of fur. She set it down gently and opened the door. She asked that we give them time to come out on their own and then she left us on our own.

When I bent down to look inside, I saw the most beautiful little faces that I had ever laid eyes on. The little girl instantly came out and jumped on top of the desk. The little boy soon joined her, but they huddled together and just stared at us.

Twenty minutes later, the little girl finally let us touch the top of her paw. I had to admit it – I was in love. My son was practically in tears over how cute they were and how much he wanted them to come home with us. At that point, it was a done deal.

Neither of them had much training, so those first few weeks (for her) and months (for him) were touch and go. She warmed up much quicker, but he was scared and under the bed for what seemed like ages.

We held a family meeting and their names were officially changed to “Rosebud Elizabeth” (insert “Citizen Kane” reference here) and “August Louis” (names in a bowl, chosen by the children – they were almost called Drake and Taco, I own a French bakery…).

Every day, we’d spend time working with them. We’d play with them, bought room diffusers and did everything we could to make them feel comfortable and safe. After all that training, one night, out of the blue, I suddenly woke up. Both of them were laying across my chest sound asleep! Our hearts were full again.

They’ve settled into the house and they’re both crazy, energetic and so, so, so loving. They’ve definitely bonded, and we often find them hanging out together. They are just amazing and we are SO GRATEFUL to whomever rescued them and to the Dumb Friends League for taking them in and caring for them.

Thank you so much for the wellness check calls, the support, resources. Most of all, thanks for all of the important work that you do. The staff was amazing and we are so appreciative. We are officially in love!

By Michelle Weekley

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