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Hemingway the Bookstore Cat

“Every books store needs a cat”

Meet Greg. A cat waiting for his happily ever after, a cat who looked far and wide to finally meet his prince (and princess) charming. And, although his story doesn’t involve any trolls, goblins or dragons it’s an important and powerful story nonetheless.

This is the extraordinary tale of how Greg inherited his literal fairytail of a life. You’re invited to join us for his journey. But, readers be warned a tale such as this is likely to inspire acts of compassion, encourage smiles and best of all bring happiness for years to come. So, like all true fairy tales, we’ll start at the beginning with a once upon a time …

Greg, after two failed attempts at finding his forever home, found himself back at the Dumb Friends League in August 2018. August ended, and September came and went while Greg waited patiently to meet his new family. It wasn’t until October that it finally happened to this sweet black and white cat, the day when he peeked around the corner of his trusted cubby and ventured out to meet Ceres and Don.

Ceres and Don own a bookstore called Talking Books Plus and had been looking for another cat to keep their current cat Gypsy, who lives at the bookstore full time, company. They came to the League with some cats in mind and knew they wanted a male, adult cat who would help bring life back to 15-year-old Gypsy who was grieving the loss of her previous feline companion. They also knew they wanted to adopt, with all their pets at home coming from the Dumb Friends League or other shelters it was important to them to provide a second chance to an animal in need. When asked what made Greg stick out to the couple it was simple, Greg was “adorable,” and they loved his “green eyes”. Also, they recognized that he had been at the shelter for three months and wanted to give him a chance. After meeting with a Dumb Friends League behavior specialist, it was determined that Greg would be just fine living in a bookstore, and the trio headed home.

Greg, now appropriately named Hemingway is living his best feline life amongst the stacks. Helping to bring life back to Gypsy and bringing smiles to Ceres, Don and all the bookstore patrons – there really is nothing better than curling up with a cat and a good book. And, while this fairy tale doesn’t end with Hemingway defeating any trolls or dragons he does get to spend his days in the pet-friendly bookstore with Gypsy and the resident turtle Speedy. Additionally, he often has other animal visitors, including dogs, goats and pigs. We couldn’t imagine a better happily ever after for our friend Hemingway.

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