¡Hola! Hector


Chris B. and her daughter stopped by our Quebec Street Shelter in early November with the thought of finding a friend for Toby, their young Chihuahua/terrier mix. They were introduced to Bambino, a 4-year-old Chihuahua mix from Puerto Rico whose left front leg is two inches shorter than his other limbs and ends in a malformed paw. Skeptical at first, Chris was quickly won over by the friendly fellow who jumped into her lap and hugged her with his stubby foot.

After adopting Bambino and trying out a variety of Spanish names—none of which elicited a response from her new family member—Chris shared her story with a man at a Broncos game who suggested “Hector” since that was his own name. The next day, Chris addressed the little dog as Hector and was shocked when he instantly jumped up on full alert. Says Chris, “When he responded so quickly to that name, I remembered the famous Puerto Rican boxer, Hector Camacho, who was a southpaw. Since Hector’s left foot doesn’t reach the ground, he looks like he’s jabbing with it, so I have this feeling he was called Hector in Puerto Rico.”

Chris adds, “Hector is doing great and is such a happy dog! He’s a bit of a hurricane himself, as his energy is boundless. He runs circles around Toby, even with his short little leg, which he uses as a kickstand. There’s no stopping this boy!”