Homer is HOME

Homer is HOME

It was a Thursday when Homer met his new family at the Dumb Friends League Buddy Center and, later that evening, the handsome Great Dane mix made himself right at home as he curled up on a comfy couch where he likely rested better than he had in weeks.

Just 24 hours earlier, Homer’s paws touched Colorado soil for the first time after an overnight drive from the Peaceful Animal Adoption Shelter (PAAS) in Vinita, Oklahoma. He was the 5,000th dog to embark on the journey.

Every Wednesday since June 2016, 25 to 30 dogs and puppies are loaded onto the PAAS Ride to Rescue vehicle and transported to the Buddy Center. Dozens of adoptable dogs, who in Oklahoma may wait weeks or even months to find homes, are met by an enthusiastic group of staff and volunteers who all echo the same greeting, “welcome to Colorado, you’ll find a new home soon!”

Most dogs that come from Oklahoma are adopted within days of arriving. Prior to transport, the pups receive rabies and health certificates from a veterinarian and upon arriving, each is examined and evaluated by the Dumb Friends League transfer team. The dogs are then spayed or neutered, if necessary, brought up to date on vaccinations and quickly adopted. On average it takes less than six days for them to find new homes with loving Colorado families.

Homer was originally found as a stray in Stephens County, Oklahoma. After nobody claimed him during his lost hold, he was taken to a PAAS partner shelter. Because of his size, Homer was repeatedly passed over by potential adopters, so the shelter decided he should make the trip to Colorado.

Scott, Sherrie and their two kids, Kailey and Spencer, decided as a family that they wanted a new dog. After their beloved pup passed away a few weeks earlier, they couldn’t bear coming home to a quiet house without a loyal companion to greet them at the door.

Before heading to the Buddy Center, the family visited our website and made a list of dogs they wanted to meet. Spencer’s number one pick was Homer, even though there wasn’t a picture of him on the website yet. They all wanted a big dog and Spencer was excited that Homer was a Great Dane mix.

The family met with a few other dogs, but none of them were the right fit. Upon meeting Homer, Scott said, “we clicked with him right away, he was so loving and leaning on us for attention.” And the rest, as they say, is history. They all quickly agreed that Homer was going home with them. So, much like the 4,999 dogs before him, Homer found a loving home with a new family after spending just one night at the Buddy Center.

It wasn’t until the family decided to adopt Homer that their adoptions counselor revealed that their new dog was, well, kind of a big deal. As the 5,000th dog to arrive from Oklahoma, Homer had been featured on TV, social media and in the newspaper!

Homer, now Thunder, is settling in with his new family. He’s figuring out how to navigate stairs (imagine how scary they are if you’ve never seen them before) and Scott reports they’ve signed the young dog up for training. It sounds like life is going to be pretty incredible for this lucky dog and his new family.

If you’re in the market for a canine companion, visit our website or come into one of our shelters to see adoptable dogs waiting for new homes. Just think, you’ll be helping a dog like Thunder get a second chance at a new life.

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