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Hoppy Hedwig

Last fall, an adorable 1-year-old Holland Lop bunny named Hedwig was found near Highway 470 and brought to the Buddy Center.

Loppy-eared Hedwig loved being held and put on an air of confidence while he was examined by Dumb Friends League veterinarians, but it was here they discovered a mass in his left eye that had left him with a corneal scar and inflammation.

In addition to his eye problems, brave little Hedwig had developed an upper respiratory infection and to avoid any potential complications Hedwig’s eye surgery would have to wait until he was well enough to handle the anesthesia. Hedwig was sent to a foster home where his foster family lovingly cared for him as he recovered from his upper respiratory infection.

Well enough for surgery he returned to the shelter.

Dumb Friends League Veterinarian, Dr. Hornback neutered Hedwig (baby bunnies are cute, but we don’t need more of them!) and submitted a tissue sample from his eyelid.

Unfortunately, the mass could not be fully removed—but the sample would help diagnose Hedwig.

While our veterinarians waited for his results, Hedwig remained in our care receiving medication for his eye.

The test results came back, and indicated our brave little bunny had a chronic eye condition that had resulted in his corneal scar. The only option to relieve Hedwig’s pain was to remove the eye.

Hedwig headed back into surgery and although he did well during his first anesthetic event, it is incredibly uncommon to place a rabbit under anesthesia more than once. In addition to the risks of anesthesia, due to the nature of his surgery Hedwig would need to be intubated, a challenging practice for rabbits. Our skilled veterinarians successfully intubated him and the surgery was a success!

Hedwig is a hero for surviving both of his anesthetic events. His foster parent took him home to help him recover with pain medications, antibiotics and lots of love.

With high spirits, the Holland Lop Hedwig (now Morty) went up for adoption and quickly found his new home—the same day, in fact! He’s loving life with his new family, who have set up an amazing Instagram account for him and his new sister Annabelle!

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