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Hot Weather Care Tips Can Save the Life of Your Pet

As the temperatures rise, and in an effort to help pet owners protect their animals from summertime hazards, the Dumb Friends League is offering the following hot weather pet safety tips:

  • Make sure your pet has access to plenty of fresh, cool water.
  • Never leave your pet in a parked car. When it’s 80 degrees outside, the inside of your car will reach over 100 degrees in just 10 minutes—even if you crack the windows! Your pet could suffer from heat stroke … or worse.
  • Exercise your dog in the early morning or evening hours instead of during the middle of the day when it’s hottest.
  • It’s best to keep your pets inside, but if they must be out during the day, remember that asphalt and concrete can get extremely hot and will burn the pads of your pet’s feet. Your pet must always have shelter available to protect it from extreme temperatures and inclement weather. Be aware that older or overweight pets, as well as flat-faced dogs such as pugs and bulldogs, are more likely to overheat.
  • Many people treat their lawns with pesticides this time of year, so keep your pet away from unfamiliar yards and grassy areas.
    Keep your pet well-groomed, but resist the temptation to shave off all of its hair. Your pet’s coat will protect it from getting sunburned. A matted coat will actually trap heat, attract parasite and cause skin sores.
  • Keep your pet away from spots or puddles of auto coolant in the garage, driveway, street and parking lots. The sweet taste of this poisonous liquid is tempting to animals, but can be fatal.
  • If your dog must travel in the back of an open vehicle, make sure it’s in a secure crate. Not only is it safer for your pet, it’s the law. Some city laws prohibit animals from riding freely in an open vehicle. Also, be aware that the floor of a truck bed can get extremely hot and may burn the pads of your pet’s feet.

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