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Zakara and Salsa are two horses who arrived at the Harmony Equine Center from different backgrounds but with all too familiar circumstances. Both horses came to us from different neglect cases, both underweight, both scared and both in desperate need of a second chance at a new life. And, it was at Harmony that these two incredible animals learned not only to trust again, they learned what it felt like to be really loved.

Zakara, a gorgeous pony – chestnut in color with a flowing mane and tail made her way to the Harmony Equine Center in May of 2017. This little mare was nervous, and her limited exposure made her difficult initially to handle by Harmony staff. Training for this 12-year-old mare would have to wait as she was pregnant when she arrived, and it wasn’t until July 2017 that she had her foal – Zoelle. Training for Zakara proved to be a challenge, and it was obvious that it would take time to earn the trust of this small horse. Trainers at Harmony patiently worked with her, and every day she became just a little easier to catch from pasture. Soon, our trainers were able to lead Zakara, pick up her feet and eventually gain enough trust to ride this small horse. Day after day, Harmony trainers worked to help Zakara learn to trust people again.

Salsa arrived at the Harmony Equine Center in November of 2017 after being seized by law enforcement due to neglect and abuse. Salsa, at just a year old was severally underweight and fearful. This little bay horse weighed in at just 631 pounds when she came to Harmony that chilly November, and it was obvious to staff that she was in desperate need of a healthy diet. It was with time and patience that Salsa learned she could trust people again. This smart little filly proved to be a fast learner, and once she put on a healthy weight–weighing now around 814 pounds, she showed just how smart and willing of a personality she had.

We could spend all day talking about the incredible work that our trainers and staff at Harmony do every-single-day to rehabilitate horses that may not have otherwise had a chance. But, it is important that we talk about possibly the single most important part of any horse’s journey at the Harmony Equine Center–their adoption. For Zakara and Salsa it took months for these horses to find their new family, but as you’ll read, it was worth the wait. When Abigail first met Zakara and Salsa she was attracted to the idea of having a project horse. A horse that she could work with, alongside her family of cowboys and cowgirls. And, as the normal adoption process happens at Harmony, Abigail and her family came out for several visits to see if these two horses would be the right fit for her family. With each passing training session, she was taken by both Zakara and Salsa’s affectionate and intelligent nature. It wasn’t long until these two horses would find their way into their new home. A new life filled with five humans that will fill their days with the love and affection they deserved all along.

If you are interested in adding a horse to your herd, consider the adoption option. All Harmony Equine Center horses receive professional care and training, gelding, vaccination, deworming, dental and farrier work. Additionally, each adoption includes three training sessions for the horse and you with a trainer to ensure that you and the horse are right for each other. To learn more and view horses available for adoption visit

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