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Izzy Pulls Through

Izzy, a 5-month old Lab mix, was found in the after-hours kennels at the Dumb Friends League Quebec Street Shelter—a horrifically emaciated puppy who couldn’t even stand because of her weakened state. She appeared to be paralyzed due to her skin-and-bones condition, although Izzy never failed to wag her tail feebly at anyone caring for her.

For 10 days, Izzy stayed at our shelter to receive constant care, multiple antibiotics and feedings of Hill’s® Prescription Diet® i/d® Canine food for easy digestibility. Although there were times when we weren’t sure Izzy was going to pull through, she survived and grew strong enough for Dr. Melissa Ward, one of our shelter medicine interns, to take her home as a foster.

There, Izzy was surrounded by the love of Dr. Ward and her husband, Matt, as well as their Dalmatian, Eva, and 14-year-old cat, Frankie. Izzy began playing with Eva and slowly regained her motor function. She continued on a diet of small, frequent meals of Hill’s Science Diet® Healthy Development puppy food until she could handle having more food in her stomach.

After a month, the Wards decided they couldn’t say goodbye to this scrappy little fighter, and so they adopted her as their own. Today, Izzy has gone from 11 pounds to over 25 pounds—and from near death to a life of health, love and happiness.

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