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Muttley Crew: Oscar’s tumor is gone. So why is he still here?

The first thing you notice about Oscar is that he’s a Conehead. Yes, the 7-years-young Jack Russell terrier mix is sporting a lampshade. Like any dog with even a speck of dignity, he can’t wait to get it off. How humiliating. But wait he must, for Oscar has had two surgeries since arriving at our shelter in late June. Let’s get those over with right away so we can move on to the good stuff …

First, we quickly discovered that Oscar had a major case of “happy tail”—which tells you a great deal about his friendly, cheerful personality. Oscar wagged with such enthusiasm and velocity that on more than one occasion, he ended up bleeding from banging his tail against a wall or other hard object.

This type of wound never heals when there is constant, exuberant wagging. As a result, Oscar’s tail was amputated by our veterinarians to avoid ongoing pain and prevent his future home from looking like a scene out of “The Texas Chainsaw Massacre.” (Hence the cone, which he’ll be sporting until his tail and neck heal and his sutures can be removed.)

Surgery #2 entailed the removal of a mast cell tumor from Oscar’s neck. Not a big deal, but he is now considered a special-needs pet because of the potential that the tumor could recur sometime in the future.

But Oscar’s not the type to worry about the future—and neither should you.

Oscar is thinking only of today, a day when he is once again waiting somewhat patiently to find his forever home. For now, he’s spending quality time with our staff and volunteers. They describe him as a super happy, sweet and energetic boy. He’s great with kids and other dogs, and loves to go on walks and play with tennis balls.

Oh, about that energy: the Jack Russell terrier mix has been known to jump an 8-foot fence, but only when he’s been left alone without the company of another dog. So we think the perfect home for this bouncy boy is one with a canine companion where he can enjoy lots of attention, and maybe even a person-and-pooch combo living in a condo or apartment where he has no opportunity to practice his high-jumping skills.

Oscar just wants to be your joyful best friend, starting today, because really, who knows what the future holds for any of us? If you’d like to make his wish come true, please visit Oscar at our Quebec Street Shelter. He can’t wait to meet you!
Because Oscar is a member of our Muttley Crew, his adoption fee will be waived.

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