Monthly Message

“The ultimate expression of generosity is not in giving of what you have, but in giving of who you are.”
– Johnnetta B. Cole

National Volunteer Week, which will be celebrated this year from April 15 through April 21, is about thanking one of America’s most valuable assets—its volunteers. I would like to thank each of you for your hard work, as well as for the love and compassion that you show for the animals. With your help, we are able to provide wonderful care to more than 20,000 homeless pets and horses each year.

You have helped these animals in so many ways: taking care of their basic needs and their grooming; tending to their healthcare needs and surgery; giving them a foundation of training; helping them get adopted to new homes; and, most of all, lavishing them with love and attention.

You also have assisted pets and people in the community by providing cat training classes, teaching humane education and reuniting lost pets with their owners.

Thank you for your role in successful outcomes for each pet and person we are able to help!

We won’t be hosting a gathering onsite this year due to construction; however, some fun things will be taking place during National Volunteer Week. And, we will be having our large Appreciation Event on October 5, so save the date!

Keep an eye out for an email closer to National Volunteer Week!

You are all amazing. Thanks for everything that you do!

Jasmin Rice
Director of Events & Volunteer Engagement