Jasmin’s Monthly Message

Hello Amazing Volunteers!

As we head into the upcoming holiday season, we often hear about the heartwarming acts that people perform for others. We can all take comfort in knowing that acts of kindness occur at the Dumb Friends League each day throughout the year.

We thank you all for those of you that joined us at the Appreciation Event this past Friday. We were very excited to highlight what each of you do in your department and celebrate our award winners.

Thank you to all of our volunteers for their hard work and dedication as we wrap up 2018 and get ready to head into 2019. By giving your time, you have made an impact on so many animals’ lives, as well as the lives of thousands of patrons.
Thank you all for your continued support! We could not do what we do every day without each and every one of you!

Jasmin Rice
Director of Events & Volunteer Engagement