Jay and Maddy together again

A tribe, a network, a squad, a clan or your people. No matter what you call this group, it’s family. It doesn’t matter whether they’re covered in fur and have tails, two legs or four or something in between, it’s devastating when someone is suddenly missing and then nothing short of joyful when there’s a happy reunion … and maybe one that involves a tissue or two.

Back in 2018, a good Samaritan brought Maddy and her four siblings, who were born to a feral cat on a friend’s property, to the Dumb Friends League Buddy Center in Castle Rock with the hope of them finding homes forever. It didn’t take long for sweet Maddy to catch the eye of Jay, a recruiter for the Colorado Army National Guard, and begin her new life.

Jay and Maddy’s story could have ended here with no surprises and simply the blessings of an ordinary life — after all, plenty do, and it’s wonderful. Maddy spent her days with Jay and playing with her two sibling canine companions, happy and loved. However, one day, their story took an unexpected turn.

In April – and as best as Jay can determine – Maddy took an unplanned adventure when the pups knocked out a screen in an open window while the trio was playing. For two weeks, Jay looked everywhere for Maddy until he had to leave for school. He assumed that Maddy met an unfortunate end with a coyote or some other equally sad demise.

Fast forward to October 31 when more treats than tricks happen, and an adorable cat came to the League. Staff learned that the cat had been living under a porch for the past six months, and with the cold weather approaching, the homeowner was even more diligent about rescuing his outside guest. He was finally able to catch his feline visitor by coaxing her into his garage, where she allowed the homeowner to pick her up. The friendly cat clearly belonged to someone.

Thanks to the cat’s microchip identification, League staff was able to link the cat to Jay. However, there was a tiny snafu in that we still had the cat’s name as “Maureen,” and at first, there was some confusion about whether the cat was Jay’s since he never had a cat with that name. As soon as Jay connected the dots and realized the cat in question was Maddy, he came to the League that very evening for nothing short of the happiest reunions!

According to Jay, “it’s like Maddy never left.” Maddy still follows Jay everywhere, chatting with him in her unique way and plays with her four-legged siblings, one of whom is a League alum, and the other who is a special needs pup from a different rescue. This is one house that’s truly filled with love.

I’m not crying; you’re crying.

Lost a pet?

The Dumb Friends League welcomes lost pets, provides them with safe shelter and compassionate care, and works to reunite them with their owners or help them find a new home if their owners cannot be located.

Tips for finding your lost pet:

  1. Search our lost and found page at ddfl.org/lost-found-search.
  2. If your pet is not at the Dumb Friends League, check the website of the shelter closest to you and be sure to visit it to look for your lost pet. Visit ddfl.org/resource/denver-metro-area-shelters for a list of Denver metro area shelters.
  3. Fill out a lost pet report at ddfl.org/lost-found-report.
  4. Let your neighborhood know via word of mouth, social media and posters describing your lost pet.
  5. Check shelters, veterinarians and neighborhood “found pet” posters near you on a daily basis.
  6. Visit the Finding Rover website at findingrover.com to upload your lost pet’s photo.

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