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Keep your face toward the sun, June

Do you know how sometimes a person comes into your life, leaves, pops back in, exits, and the cycle continues? Well, that’s just what happened to our feline friend June and her person Brett.

Last summer, June suddenly appeared on Brett’s patio. The intrepid explorer had a collar and identification, so Brett reached out to June’s owner. It turned out that June liked to roam the neighborhood, and while June’s owner retrieved her, she kept coming back to Brett’s home … again and again.

“With her shiny black coat and her big yellow eyes, I thought June was beautiful,” said Brett. “She was also really sweet and friendly. I think she was looking for someone who liked cats.”

With her visits becoming more frequent, June eventually moved into Brett’s home. Technically, June still had her owner, but the somewhat unconventional arrangement worked for everyone—especially June. Brett kept June inside during the day and at night, but since she still wanted to be outdoors, when he came home from work, he let June outside to patrol his townhouse’s courtyard. Typically, June returned home within an hour, but one night, she did not, nor could Brett find her … not that night or the following morning.

Brett came home from work, hoping that June would be waiting for him, but instead, he found a note from his neighbors saying that June was involved in an accident, and she was at the Dumb Friends League.

Brett was devastated. Despite caring for June for more than a year, the sweet 9-year-old black cat who made a home with Brett had her own people, and the situation was murky.

June was hit by a car, in pain and not able to put any weight on her left hind leg, and she had a serious degloving injury on her inner thigh. (A degloving injury is caused by trauma whereby a large section of skin is torn off the underlying tissue, cutting off its blood supply.)

League veterinarians knew June’s injuries were severe and debilitating. Still, they needed to perform surgery and determine the best course of action for wound management and better assess the extent of her injuries before they could know how to proceed.

In the meantime, when June’s owners were contacted and told about her injuries, they officially relinquished her to the League.

At the time of surgery, veterinarians discovered that June’s wound was worse, as well as infected. Due to the severity of her injuries and the progressive infection, June’s best chance for recovery involved amputating her leg.

June was not alone, however. Brett contacted the League, and when he learned that June’s owners relinquished her, an adoptions hold was put into place. Every day, Brett called to check in on June’s recovery.

When the day finally came, and June was ready, Brett officially adopted her and became her person.

“June is a miracle, and I’m just so glad I have not had to adjust to life without her,” said Brett. “Her recovery was difficult at first, but she has been AMAZING! She races me up and down the stairs. I bought some pet steps–she doesn’t need ’em, and she seems as back to normal as can be expected.”

June’s life was touched by so many compassionate people who wanted nothing less than the opportunity for her to thrive. “I am eternally grateful to my neighbors, Kim, Hayley and Waysean for saving June’s life,” said Brett. “I’m also very grateful to the amazing veterinarian and technicians at the League who kept June alive and allowed her to be able to come home. I’d also like to thank Call Center Representative Diana S. for all of her help while June was in the League’s care.”

June now spends her days as a very loved cat. When she’s not cuddling or making squeaky noises, June likes to play with her toys, specifically the ones with dangling strings so that she can bat at the ends. When June is tired, she curls up into her folded blankets. “June also likes to drink water straight from the faucet,” said Brett. “One of the ways I knew June was recovering was when I wasn’t quite quick enough lifting her back down, and she lept off the countertop herself and scampered away just like she did when she had four legs.”

When asked what he wanted readers to know about their story, Brett said, “I wish I would have kept June inside 100 percent of the time. It’s important that cats be inside. I’m glad June survived her ordeal and thankful to everyone who helped her. The outside world is too dangerous a place for cats.” That’s good advice and a reminder to all.

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