Keona & the Pink Bunny

About six months after our 14-year-old Lhasa apso mix, Winky, lost her battle with kidney failure, we donated her toys to the Dumb Friends League. We wanted a fresh start when we adopted another dog. Several visits to the shelter later, we still couldn’t find “the one.”

An adoption counselor sat down with us to help. There was a 5-month-old puppy named Keona who was just becoming available for adoption. The counselor asked if we would like to meet her. Of course!

Keona came bounding out to meet us with a pink bunny in her mouth. It was Winky’s bunny that we had donated several days before! It was almost like Winky sent Keona to us.

Of course, Keona stole our hearts, and an hour later she was on her way to her new forever home. She is the sweetest dog ever and the love of our lives. She is now giving back as a therapy dog.

—Shari and Darrin R.