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Kids can join the statewide movement to increase philanthropy and give where they live

Kids have a fun way to get involved with the upcoming Colorado Gives Day – Kids for ColoradoGives. Junior philanthropists are introduced to charitable giving as they learn about different nonprofit organizations.

For the past nine years, the Community First Foundation and FirstBank have teamed up to promote online giving and philanthropy in Colorado. Colorado Gives Day, which begins at 12 a.m. on December 4, is targeted to increase donations to local nonprofit organizations, such as the Dumb Friends League. On this one day, people throughout Colorado are encouraged to participate and give where they live, and for the second year, kids are can participate in their own way.

The Kids for ColoradoGives site teaches kids about nonprofit organizations, including what they are and why they need donations. Budding advocates also learn why it’s important they become involved and help an organization they’re interested in, as well as ways they can help. Kids can even take a fun quiz, “What kind of giver are you?” By answering nine questions with colorful pictures and text, kids find out what type of nonprofit corresponds to their interests. Resources are also provided for parents so they can help their kids understand the joy of giving.

In place of kids making an actual donation with a parent’s credit card, they can request a Giving eCard from family or friends. Giving eCards can be ordered online now through December 4, and they allow the recipient to support any organization featured on or, like the Dumb Friends League. Once a child receives a Giving eCard, they can use it to make a donation online.

Just like with traditional donations, Giving eCards are tax deductible as a charitable contribution to the full extent permitted by law for the purchaser only. Purchasers will receive an electronic tax receipt letter from the Foundation at the time of the purchase.

Learn more, purchase Giving eCards and donate today at! After all, children and adults should enjoy the spirit of giving – especially when Colorado Gives Day is an easy and convenient way to support the Dumb Friends League and help us care for more than 20,000 homeless pets and horses in our care!

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