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Compassionate Kids: Chloe and Cassaday

A love letter from a fan

Bill Brown with Cat

Recently Chloë A. sent us the following note:

Dear People of the Animal Shelter,

Thank you so much for putting in dedication and time for the animals at the shelter. I honor your work, & wish to volunteer at your shelter when I’m able to. I admire your work to give all innocent animals a second chance. I also like that you never give up on finding animals homes. You take in animals, & give them the space and time they need to adapt and find a forever home. Another thing I love you do is describe the animal’s personality so it’ll be happier at it’s new home. I also like that you give the animals what they need to be happy. Such as, playing with cats, or walking dogs. You are very kind for doing so. Furthermore, I also like that you offer a variety of animals & give each a chance for a home as another. Additionally, you are patient with the animals & let them take their time to get used to company. Not to mention, you have a room for sick animals and you work hard to get them health & well. Equally important, you spay & neuter animals so the ones you have receive homes, and more animals arn’t in need of them. Finally, you give every animal the love & attention they need until they find a family. In conclusion, I honestly and truly admire your work and wish my very hardest you’ll continue.


Thank you, Chloë!

Cassady shares the love

Joan with puppy

Eight-year-old Cassady delivered seven garbage bags full of towels to the Quebec Street Shelter, all of which she had personally collected from her neighbors.

The animal enthusiast also launched a website to promote her Animal Love Program, which collects needed supplies for shelter pets. Check out her website here:

Thank you, Cassady!

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