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Kiki is pumpkin spice and everything nice

Spring came and went. Summer seems like a distant memory. Now, we’re in fall, the season of pumpkin spice everything, sweater weather and football. One constant that has spanned these three seasons is sweet Kiki’s stay at the Dumb Friends League Buddy Center in Castle Rock.

Kiki, a 3-year-old brown tabby, was relinquished to the League back in March. Kiki lived with her family since she was a kitten, but she developed a bit of sibling rivalry with her feline and canine housemates and was known to be quite vocal and swat if any of them approached her. Let’s just say Kiki liked her personal space. Along the boundaries line, Kiki tolerated her young human siblings handling her until she was done. Once she had enough, Kiki nipped at their hands. Her communication styles were her own, and she made it known she wanted down. The feisty feline wasn’t a fan of strangers either, but, really, who is? Kiki’s owner shared she was good with a litterbox, had no issues trying to escape or destroy anything and loved her scratching post.

Sometimes, when a pet arrives at one of our shelters, the new environment causes a bit of anxiety. The unknowns, new smells, noises or just everything can make them uneasy. In Kiki’s case, the opposite happened. “Kiki was social and lovely from the first day she got here,” said Cindy, one of the League’s behavior technicians. “She was overly stressed in her previous home due to another cat that exhibited some house soiling.”

Since arriving at the Buddy Center, Kiki has leaned into pets, is tolerant of all handling and purrs quietly. This beauty of a cat participates in the League’s Kitty Comfort and Cats & Clickers behavior programs, both of which provide additional enrichment for cats while they’re waiting for their new families to find them. Mental and physical stimulation isn’t just for humans, you know!

Our staff describes Kiki as “sweet,” “loving” and “affectionate.” Kiki hasn’t really taken to sharing her space and would be happiest to have her humans all to herself and live as an only pet in a quiet home with kids older than 10. What else does Kiki like? Well, she could play for hours and enjoys exploring her space and receiving pets on her terms. Hey, this girl knows what she wants, and that’s a good thing!

What else do you need to know about Kiki? “Kiki is a serious napper and can sleep no matter how busy the adoption lobby is, which is probably one of the reasons she has been here so long,” said Cindy, “Most of the other cats are up moving around, making eye contact but not Kiki, she just snoozes away. Now, if there is a serious chance for treats or pets, she is all over that, quickly coming out of her favorite cat bed, sniffing, greeting, investigating, but she is not going to beg for it.” That Kiki.

With Kiki, just like any other pet, observe body postures when you’re interacting with her, and if you notice she’s starting to hit her limit, give her some space. We all need alone time now and again. Be sure to use positive reinforcement and have playtime each day though. “While Kiki may be a big slumber bug, give her time with a feather and wand toy, and she is flying through the air swatting and snagging it between her paws,” said Cindy.

Leaves are falling, and sweet Kiki is calling. Come to the Buddy Center and meet Kiki, so she can finish the season in her new home.

To find your new snuggle bug … err … pet, visit our adoptions page or call 303.751.5772. All adoptions include spay or neuter surgeries, age-appropriate vaccinations, a microchip ID, 30 days of free pet insurance and a free wellness visit with a participating veterinarian.

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