King Petey the Beloved

Petey is doing very well. He’s adapted well to our home and our lifestyle, and seems very happy. He’s gotten much braver around strangers, and he sure has become the king of our castle.

When we first got Petey, he spent a lot of time on the end of the sofa, which we called his “safe spot.” He would go there when he felt stressed or when we had company. He doesn’t use the safe spot at all anymore, which tells me he’s gotten very comfortable here. He’s pretty much taken over our home, which is OK with us because we’ve grown very attached to him and love him very much.

We are very happy that we ended up adopting Petey, and we probably wouldn’t have if you hadn’t told us how good he was with you. We took a chance, and I think we got very lucky with this boy, and he seems very happy with us. A happy ending indeed.

-Stacey D.
Pueblo, Colo.